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Our priority activity within this branch is saving time, funds, and efforts to our clients from the business and private individuals in terms of their relations to public and municipality authorities.

For the purpose we provide an in-depth assistance and organization of procedures held before administrative authorities, as well as protection from unlawful actions and acts before the competent court instance. All legal services within the area are provided by our associated lawyers.

Our services include::

  • In-depth assistance with registration, issuing of licenses and permissions from state and municipality authorities;

  • Representation before state and municipality authorities in Bulgaria;

  • In-depth assistance within administrative procedures by provision, draft, and filing documentation;

  • Check-ups and positions on pending lawsuits;

  • Organization of representation, consultation and assistance at appeals ofadministrative acts, refusals, actions and inactions of state authorities;

  • Assistance by claims for compensation of torts brought by the state and municipalities;



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