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Behind every successfull business stand the the people who work for it. The importance of high-quality attorney and accountant for an enterprise needs no introduction. Can you get the results of a high-quality, experienced, and strongly motivated team without the expenses for personnel and office facilities, while keeping the synergy between the individual specialists and areas?

We provide this model on the market in Bulgaria for our international and local customers for a sixth year. We speak your language and understand your needs.

Our services for corporations and NGOs encompass:

  • Complex Tax & Legal, Accounting and Payroll services for companies and NGOs;

  • Tax and Legal Due Diligence;

  • LTD company registration in BULGARIA with international shareholders; liquidation of Bulgarian LTD company; Joint stock company; Limited partnership, and other corporations;

  • Mergers and aquisitions;

  • NGO registration in Bulgaria; Mandatory re-registrations within the trade register;

  • NGOs Trermination and liquidation procedures;

  • Trade deal assistance;

  • Trade disputes litigation and insolvency representation;

  • Employment agreements draft; dismissal orders draft assistance, consultations upon termination of employment agreements
  • Tax overall consulting and planning



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