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Competition Law isn't a new area for Bulgaria, but nevertheless the experts specialised in it aren't too many. Probably this is one of the reasons why the information level on the regulations and mechanisms of the Competition legislation in Bulgaria is generally fairly law. The sanctions for breaches commonly stand out with drastic severity - regardless, that seems rarely like a sufficient motivator for observing the 'fair game rules', as well as for the timely search of measures against their breach .

M.V.Sheytanova, Attorney at Law, is a legal professional with an additional qualification and specialised experience in the area of Competition legislation and litigation, substantial antitrust procedures. Our aim in this area is to cooperate with timely and competent assistance

What we can do for you:

  • Ensure that your trade practices and policies are in line with the requirements of the Competition legislation, in order to prevent possible sanctions;

  • Analyze the legal and economic aspects of trade practices and policies of competitors, suppliers, and purchasers, and orientate you if they eventually fall within the range of statutory prohibitions of the Competition legislation;

  • Cooperate with improvement measures; administrative and litigation defence;

  • Assist for the suspension/sanctioning of a competition violation, that harms your rights and interests;

  • Assist you to be compensated in case of competition breach;

  • Update and advise you on the current regulatory requirements and practices.



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