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1. What is e-office?

2. How is my personal data protected at e-office?

3. Does it require a registration?

4. What are the advantages using e-office?

5. What kind of services can I receive by e-office?

6. Is ithe provision of online services statutory regulated?

7. Who provides the services at e-office?

8. When will I receive the service I need?

9. How do I apply for a consultation?

10. How do I apply for a research or a choice of a credit product?

11. How do I apply for a draft or a revision of a document?

12. How do I apply for a trade registration?

13. Where will I get the service?

14. How moch does the applied service cost?

15. When is payment for the applied service due?

16. When will the service be provided?

17. How do I pay?


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Templated e-office



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