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The glut of supply sets always higher standards of creativity in the marketing and avertising strategies. A good campaign may be a successful instrument for increasing sales and popularity, but it also requires adherence to numerous restrictions, the breaching of which resulting in serious sanctions and risks. The border between the strong, memorable message, and the deceptive advertising, can be narrow.

M. Sheytanova, Attorney at Law, member of our team, has an extensive experience in the field of Marketing legal compliance, Competition and Consumers' protection. We provide analysis of prospective or current compaigns' contents, and offer improvements and corrections, when necessary.

In the area we provide also corporate identity services, graphic design, and registration of trade mark.

Our services include:

  • Marketing and advertising campaigns: content research and assistance for their compliance to statutory requirements;

  • Consultations on taxation of marketing expenses;

  • Provision of company logo; Trade mark registration;

  • Copyrights on texts and images upon their usage in marketing and adverising campaignhs;

  • IComplete draft/ content research of Terms of use for promotions, games, and lotteries.



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