Bulgarian Properties

From the first steps until the very completion of a successful real estate bargain, the process gets often deceitful and full of surprises. The charges on commission payment for an unsolicited intermediary service (a widely imposed practice in Bulgaria) most often makes it impossible for the client to afford a trusted counsel by their side. Now you don’t have to choose between realizing your desired deal and having your interests protected. We offer competitive service conditions at every step of the process of selling, purchasing, renting or hiring real property, whereas our job is exclusively focused on you as party under the agreement.

We maintain transparent conditions; we do not serve the opposite party or burden them with costs, thus avoiding conflict of interest on one hand, and providing you with a competitive advantage of choosing a counterparty, on the other hand.


Our services in the real estate sector offer:

  • Intermediary service for selling, purchasing, renting or hiring real property in Sofia city;
  • Legal audit of the property’s ownership status; history of ownership check-up;
  • Counseling in property investment;
  • Client representation during all phases of the bargaining process, negotiating conditions, leading correspondence and communication process;
  • Management, verification and maintenance of a Real Estate property in Sofia;
  • Condominium ownership management in Sofia – property manager and a cashier

Legal services in the sector are provided by Sheytanova Law Office


Example prices for some of our best-selling packages:

Personal Broker: Sales / Sofia

From € 1000 to € 3000
  • NO EXTRA FEES and agency commissions
  • NO COMMISSION for the other party

Personal Broker: Rent / Sofia

½ of a month‘s rent (no less than € 250)
  • NO EXTRA FEES and agency commissions
  • NO COMMISSION for the other party