Tax & Legal Bulgaria

Tax payments and the related bookkeeping service expenses are inevitable for any business, so it can legitimately practice any business activity in Bulgaria. A competent tax-accounting advisor, however, is very different from someone who merely implements standards and enters data into grids – they offer solutions and results. They synchronize the financial management in order for the company to avoid risks from losses and sanctions, and they also provide tax optimisation policy that complies with applicable tax regulations. This is one of the number of reasons why investing in high-quality tax accounting service is an investment in your own business, rather than rather than a mere fulfillment of a formal obligation.

What you get with us is the full package of accounting services and payroll for companies and freelancers, along with expert advising on Tax and Employment law, advisory services at entering agreements, debt collection, and other business related services. Our joint collaboration among accountants and lawyers unites both areas of expertise in order to make the large enterprise model affordable to small and start-up businesses.

Our tax advising and accounting services encompass:

  • A complex bookkeeping, payroll, and tax and legal service for companies, NGOs, and freelancers;
  • Tax-accounting consultations in case of registrations, entering agreements, Tax audits and revisions;
  • Annual financial statements and tax declarations draft and filing;
  • Full package documentation draft and annual promulgation of financial statements in the Bulgarian Trade register; Promulgation of absence of business activity declaration in the Trade register;
  • VAT registration and service;
  • Representation before the tax administration;
  • Bulgarian Tax revision procedure support and representation; Tax revision acts appeal before all instances;
  • Bulgarian Tax penalty acts appeal before all instances

Legal services in the sector are provided by Sheytanova Law Office


Example prices for some of our best-selling packages:

Tax, legal and accounting package for international clients

from € 250 /month
  • Accounting and payroll services + tax & legal consulting included in the price

Annual financial statements promulgation

from € 35 + € 10 state tax
  • Full package of documentation draft + bank transfer + Filing application

Declaration for non-activity promulgation

from € 25
  • Full package of documentation draft + filing statutory declaration